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After having organized several Workshop sessions, we have gathered some feedback from our participants on their experiences on in the workshop. 

"In such a hectic world, it was a beautiful experience to slow down and connect with the energy and vibrations that are always around us. After the WellWork session I felt renewed, uplifted, conscious, and receptive. I would recommend Santjes and the WellWork workshops to anyone at any level of entry in the mindfulness world. I look forward to working more with WellWork."

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 "I’ve now attended three workshops. After this most recent one I am seeing things unfold in my life in a most amazing way and in the direction I was seeking. Very comforting and grounding. I will return."


"Santjes is a clear and powerful presenter who knows how to create a safe space. Be willing to move through any discomfort which arises (which only happens when powerful transformation is afoot!) and you will reap a big reward. I have done many trainings and workshops through the last 30 years and this was one of the more powerful. Just say yes!"


"An event like this doesn't come around often. Santjes and her team create a "Safe Space" to let go of the constraints that bind us in our daily lives and explore greater, deeper levels of energetic connections with what exists around us."


"What a beautiful experience. This day was filled with support and wonder. My hope was to reconnect with my sense of Intuition. With the guidance of our leader Santjes, I feel as though I heard a voice I hadn’t been able to hear for a long time. Thank you for this opportunity."


"Since I have started on my path of self-discovery 4 years ago, I have had the privilege and blessing of interacting with Santjes, in private sessions, on this platform and in other venues. Every encounter has been unique, thought provoking and beneficial. This last WellWork session was no different. With her rituals of grounding and relaxation; she creates a setting that elicits trust and openness. She promotes a willingness to participate and share from the heart and encourages time for reflection and staying in the moment. I highly recommend clearing a space in your day for a long thoughtful moment dedicated to self-care. important these insights were to them."


"Each time I do a workshop with Santjes, I learn new things about myself. I appreciate her ability to create a safe space where we can be vulnerable, experience life beyond the veil and share with each other what we have discovered. She has an infectious curiosity and joy for life and for exploring our human relationship with the natural world."

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"Wellwork is a deep dive into the field. Anything that is ready to be revealed will come forth. A wonderful group exploration of energy and the inner worlds. I have loved the sessions I have been a part of and will sign up again in the future."

"This workshop was a beautiful way to gather in community, discover insights and connection. I felt peaceful and part of something important. This is the kind of healing our world needs!"


"It is always remarkable and wonderful how a group gathers with different questions and things they may be working on - to find they are all connected in many ways . WellWork groups offer so much healing, support and guidance during the days journey together."

"WellWork, with the four directions, creates a circle of deeper insight, self knowledge and the abundance of community and connection. Santjes offers gentle guidance to be curious, playful and authentic to create a beautiful tapestry of wholeness."

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