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About WellWork

WellWork came together as a result of many years of working with wheels and circles both in my art work and facilitating groups. It is a compilation of many modalities, it is an Artistry. The Wheel around the Well offers infinite possibilities for exploration. Every WellWork session is unique.


The WellWork participants bring their questions to our sessions, and out of these questions I distill the themes that are current in the group. Inspiration I feel to create rituals around these themes brings out the best in this WellWork Artistry. 


In WellWork, we come together to collectively remember what we are part of and explore what is available to us. Our open hearts and curiosity, and the rituals and resources guide us in this process. WellWork is about listening, remembering, connecting.


We create rituals that help us to connect to our roots, where we belong and what it means to share our gifts. Through the cyclical teachings of the Wheel of the Four Directions and the insights that unfold from The Found in Transition wheel — 81 symbolic, archetypal images that Santjes painted — we make resources available that support and strengthen our place on the Wheel of Life.

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