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We invite you to participate one of our workshops to inspire transformation of your inner world and deepen your connection to what guides you. WellWork is led by Santjes Oomen and team inspired by systemic constellation work and Shamanic rituals between the physical and non-physical worlds. This workshop will use the teachings of the four directions medicine wheel and the curiosity of the group.


We ask each participant to bring a question that represents an opening: what seeks attention in your life right now? These questions will inspire us to create rituals on the wheel of the four directions, guided by the Found in Transition series. These 81 images by Santjes are used as windows into a nonverbal teaching in the form of a wheel. 


Like dreaming, this is guided work, so we never know exactly what will happen. We follow the energy of the group field. The medicine of the four directions will hold the foundation as we use the qualities in the group to explore insights and resources to support us. Through the group field, this work can restore connection between inner and outer worlds. 


These workshops will be hosted in different locations across Massachusetts and Europe by Santjes and her team. Some prior experience with group energetic work and an openness to heart-centered experiences are helpful to participate in this workshop. 


When registering for a WellWork session, we ask you to submit a question that sets your intention for participation and a short explanation of how you arrived at this question. Santjes will use these questions to create the rituals during the workshop, rather than answering them literally. However, these questions will not be shared with the rest of the group directly. 


The WellWork sessions will be hosted in different locations, in the Netherlands, Mallorca, Spain, across Massachusetts, and Nantucket Island.

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