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Our Team

Many hearts, hands, and dreams made these WellWork sessions possible. 

Thank you to all that have supported Santjes in dreaming this work to life. It has been many lifetimes. 

The WellWork Team

Master Chang

Master Peony

Timothy Dukes

Nana Needham

Lori Sampson

Zulia Oomen-Lochtefeld

Sam Oomen-Lochtefeld

Meg Rohrer


Jeanette Reitsma

Ilse Verkaaik

Eveline Delis

Katalin Brandsma

Lori Corry

Laura Hoult

Alisa Clements

Liz Ennis

Image Resolutions

Contact Us

Instagram: @santjes_oomen

+1 508 228 9939

+31 6 28 94 74 29

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